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General T&C


1) Authorized use of the vehicle

The rented vehicle can be operated by a person with more than 18 years of age, that is in possession of a valid driver's license. The Traffic Laws allow no exceptions.

When You pick up the car, You will need:

-  valid driver's license

-  credit or debit card

-At pick-up, the main driver will leave a refundable security
deposit in the amount of responsibility + V.A.T. (25%) on their credit or debit card,
but never less than 200,00€

Accepted Credit or Debit cards:

-  American Express

-  Visa

-  Diners Club

-  Master Card

The vehicle rented can not be operated, used or driven:

-  by a person not listed on the Rental Agreement as add. driver;

-  to transport people or goods for profit;

-  with a Rental Agreement based on false statments for ex. age, address;

-  at any sort of contests, speed trials or races;

-  to power or tow any kind ob vehicle or object;

-  under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, narcotics, sleeping pills or any other drugs;

-  when inoperable or overloaded with passengers or luggage;

-  outside regular paved roads;

-  faster than the speed limit - freeway 100km/h, local road 80 km/h, highway 120 km/h.

Want to drive for Uber, or as a taxi, but don't have a car?

Rental vehicles must be part of an approved partnership for drivers in order to be used for Uber, or as a taxi.

The above listed restrictions are cumulative and valid for each and every use of the rental vehicle. All responsibility for damage or loss as a result of noncompliance with the above restrictions is waved by the Sub Rosa Car Rental.

2) Rental vehicle Pick up and Drop off

The vehicle is owned by Sub Rosa Car Rental during the rental period and is delivered in good working order. Lessee will return the vehicle with all parts included, wheels and tires, tools and equipment listed on the RA, in the same condition as on pick up, normal ware&tare excluded, at the location and date preset on the RA.

3) Payment

The Lessee will pay the bill not later than 8 days upon receipt of the same, or in case of cash payment on pick up/drop off, Time&Mileage as is preset on the RA, with all other additional fees as agreed and preset on the RA. The total must be paid in Euros and in accordance with the valid rate stated on the RA, if no changes took place during the rental. In case of the drop off being in a different location fro the pick up, the final bill is made by the drop off location with the previous approval of the pick up location that is entitled to revise the RA details arranged on pick up and send it. If the bill is not paid on time the tardiness interest will be charged in accordance with the Law. The lessee is co-responsible with the issuer of all kinds of prepayments or payment insurances and can be charged with or instead of the prepayment issuer if the arranged payment for any reason fails to be transferred to us.

4) Extending the Rental

When the lessee wishes to extend the rental, the pick up location must be notified at least 24 hours before. In case of non-compliance, Sub Rosa Car Rental must report the vehicle stolen to the Police. In cases of the vehicle being returned later than the date preset on the RA, and during the rental there was a correction of our valid rates, new valid rates are to be calculated from the day of the preset return as per the open RA.

5) Mileage

The rental mileage is ascertained by the factory odometer. The vehicle odometer is factory sealed, and the lessee must make sure at pick up that the seal is intact. If at drop off the seal is found to be broken, the lessee will be charged additional 500 km per each day of the rental in question per the valid rate at the time of the drop off.

6) Fuel

The fuel is not included in the rental cost. The vehicle is picked up and should be dropped off with a full tank of fuel. If not, the Refueling Charge is calculated adding a Refueling Fee to the fuel cost of the missing fuel at the current rate.

7) Maintenance

The lessee is obliged to care for the vehicle and to check regularly the motor and gear oil, coolant and battery fluid levels along with the tire pressure in all of the tires. The motor oil must be changed every 10000 km. The regular maintenance cost will be reimbursed to the lessee on drop off with a valid receipt from a licensed service shop. The lessee is obliged to cover all cost for damaged caused by faulty or insufficient maintenance.

8) Mechanical faults

Repairs or replacement of vehicle parts can be done only with the authorization from the pick up office. Reimbursement of repair costs can be done only with a proper receipt from the repair shop and with all the parts that are replaced. If the repair was not done by a repair shop and the replaced parts are not presented at drop off, the repair costs will not be reimbursed! If any part of the vehicle or the equipment is found replaced or lost upon drop off, the lessee is obliged to pay the triple cost of the replaced or lost vehicle part as is ascertained on the day of the vehicle drop off.

9) Documents

All vehicles are issued with all the documents necessary to cross the international border and are fully the responsibility of the lessee.
In the case that key or car documents have not been returned at the time of the drop off, the rental charge will continue until such time they are returned.

10) Passenger Accident Insurance

With a daily surcharge set by the valid rate for PAI, the lessee and passengers are insured up to the amount set by the insurance policy for physical damages or death while using the rental vehicle, if a third person is not responsible for the accident in question.

11) Vehicle insurance

All vehicles owned by Sub Rosa Car Rental have Third Party Liability coverage up to the amount set by the Law and covered by the Insurance Company in question. The deductible (excess) is vehicle group/type dependant. In case of any new damage that the lessee caused or that there is no identifiable second party to the damage the lessee is liable up to the full value of the vehicle. To partially wave the responsibility the customer can prepay a daily surcharge for the insurance, as per the valid rate. The insurance does not cover in any case all damages tot the wheels and tires, windows and undercarriage. Those damages the lessee must always cover fully and are solely his responsibility.

12) Fire or Theft

The lessee is always fully responsible for loss or damage of the rental vehicle, if fire or theft was the lessee's fault through gross negligence or infraction of any of the clauses of this Agreement.

13) Accident

Every accident must be reported right away to the Police and to the pick up Sub Rosa Car Rental office. An Accident Report must be filled out and delivered to the pick up office. The lessee is obliged to assist Sub Rosa Car Rental in all procedures and investigations into the accident in question. Failure to provide such assistance in any part of the procedure will void accepted insurance coverage and the damage cost would be charged to the lessee directly.

14) Loss of Property

Sub Rosa Car Rental can not be held responsible for any lessee's or other members of the party's personal property placed inside the rental vehicle, replacement vehicle or Sub Rosa Car Rental premises. The lessee by signing the Agreement waives any claim that would result from loss of said property, or from damages resulting from such a loss.

15) Rental Agreement changes

No clause or condition of the Rental Agreement can be changed or discarded.

16) Responsibility

All Sub Rosa Car Rental employees are allowed to inspect the rental vehicle at any given time. In case it is ascertained the lessee is braking any part of the Agreement, Sub Rosa Car Rental employee is entitled to take possession of the vehicle.

17) Important!

The lessee is liable for all parking tickets and traffic violations during the rental, even after drop off. The calculation is valid even after the final inspection is completed.

18) Jurisdiction

In an event of a lawsuit the court in the city of Split has jurisdiction.

Possible additional rental cost

Rental includes:

-  Rental period (minimum charge 24 hours)

-  Unlimited mileage

-  Free Cancellation 48h before Pick-Up

-  TPL-Third Party Liability Insurance

-  CDW - Collisison Damage Waiver

-  TP - Theft Protection

-  Excess reduction and VAT

-  Local Taxes

Rental rates never include:

-  Fuel and Refueling Charge. If the lessee returns the rental vehicle with fuel missing, the Refueling Charge will be added to his RA total in the amount of the regular fuel cost + Refueling Fee 20,00 € + V.A.T. (the lessee is always issued the rental vehicle with a full tank of fuel on pick up)

-  PAI (personal accident insurance), additional insurance for the vehicle passengers can be accepted on the counter - not mandatory (cost = 5,00 € daily + V.A.T.)

-  SCDW (super collision damage waiver), additional insurance for the vehicle, excess is reduced. SCDW are no comprenhensive insurance and do not cover the damage to the tires, wheels, under side of the car and the interior of the car

Late return of the rental vehicle is charged as follows:

-  0 - 59 min = free of charge

-  60 - 120 min = 1/3 daily rental rate

-  121 - 180 min = 2/3 daily rental rate

-  181 min and beyond = extra rental day

Additional equipment available for renting with the rental vehicle:

-  Child Seat - on request (5,00 € + V.A.T. daily)

-  Ski Rack - on request (price on request)

-  GPS - road navigation - on request (10,00 € + V.A.T. daily)

Different models of Child Seats are available, depending on age and weight. The preferred Child Seat must be requested and defined beforehand. Safety belts are a standard equipment in all our vehicles.


-  Wrong fuel - app. 500,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Empty battery - app. 250,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Extremely dirty vehicle - 50,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Pick up/Drop off in a different location than agreed - 40,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Picking up or delivering a rented vehicle outside of office hours will be charged 25.00 € + V.A.T..

-  Reservation must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to arrival time or a charge of 80.00€ + V.A.T. will apply.

-  Unauthorized early or late return 150,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Loss of vehicle documents (police report mandatory) - 500,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Loss of registration plates (police report mandatory) - 500,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Damage handling fee - 50,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Administration fee for a parking ticket - 10,00 € + V.A.T.

-  Administration fee for a traffic violation ticket - 25,00 € + V.A.T.

Under certain circumstances, when the reservation is made within 24h of pick-up, we may be unable to secure the car. If this is the case, an alternative option will be offered whenever this is possible, or you will be able to cancel the reservation free of charge.


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