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BELGRADE, Singidun, Singidunum, megalopolis ... are just some of the names of the city where settlements have existed for at least 7000 years. In it, like the Celts in the distant past, today more than 2 million inhabitants and guests from all over the world feel right at home and relaxed.

The city is crowded not only because Belgrade does not have a subway, but also because it is full of visitors who simply do not know where to go first, so many choices ... From the Kalemegdan fortress, through the popular "Skadarlija", the bohemian quarter of Belgrade, on the way to the largest Orthodox church in Southeast Europe, the church of St. Sava, whose size, splendor, icons, music of bells and the fact that it has been built for over a 100 years will definitely enchant them. Belgrade's many cafes are the best way to start your day with "homemade coffee" and the inevitable glass (better two!) of homemade Serbian brandy.
If everyone can, so can you! Belgrade is large. Therefore, it is better to rent a car and go cruising, because not far from the center of Belgrade there is a culture older than Mesopotamians! Vinca culture, dating between the first centuries of the 5th millennium BC. and the first centuries of the 4th millennium BC, is one of the most technologically advanced cultures of the Bronze Age. The spirit of Belgrade will become dear to you when you find out that this city has been destroyed exactly 44 times! Then the mentality of the people of Belgrade and the saying "No problem!" will become dear to you. Relax and continue to Belgrade's Avala Mountain.

That is where you will really need a car! From the Aval tower and 700 m height, enjoy the panorama of Belgrade. From that height you will see all the contrasts of Belgrade. Business center of new Belgrade, "Belgrade Sea" - Lake Ada Ciganlija, but also the ultra modern district "Belgrade on Water". You will invigorate your tired eyes and legs in one of the many restaurants with the specialties of Serbian cuisine; Proja, Kajmak, Gibanica, Sarma ... In the evening, you should definitely go visit one of the Belgrade's many rafts on the river, where a crazy night is guaranteed and that brandy again ...

Come by boat, train, plane and sit behind the wheel. Smederevo, Novi Sad, Nis are also close by... because, as the famous Serbian writer said, Belgrade is not in Belgrade, because Belgrade, in fact, is not a city - it is a metaphor, a way of life, an angle of looking at things ...

Izjava o sufinanciranju
Krajnji primatelj financijskog instrumenta sufinanciranog iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj u sklopu Operativnog programa „Konkurentnost i kohezija”

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